Mission & Core Values

Our Mission - What We Do

We Create Memories Worth Repeating

We serve our guests to ensure they have memorable shared experiences together in the great outdoors, and to ultimately help bring families closer together. We do this in a variety of ways with our exciting attractions, quality entertainment, diverse special events, and great recreational activities. Regardless of an employee's position or department, all of us have an opportunity every day to create a memory for a guest.

Our Core Values - What We Believe In

We Greatly Exceed Guests' Expectations

Our guests visit Stone Mountain Park with an expectation of friendliness, cleanliness, service, quality, and fun. Our goal is to surpass those expectations by providing experiences that are a unique blend of entertainment and recreation, and offer something for all ages to enjoy. We take great pride in consistently exceeding these expectations and paying attention to the smallest details in our work.

We Serve Others

This core value is the essence of the Stone Mountain Park culture. Anyone can serve, regardless of your position. We serve guests to the Park, but also serve our co-workers. We create an atmosphere of servant leadership in which every member of our team feels empowered to work towards goals as being identified for the common good.

We Create Emotional Connections

Any company can have transactions with guests who come once, but we want to build relationships with guests who come back again and again. We accomplish this by treating guests like a member of the family and providing them with a diverse variety of opportunities to laugh together, learn together, and create memories together.

We Constantly Improve

Guest expectations are constantly changing. Our competition is constantly changing. We must be proactive in recognizing and responding to these changes. We encourage all employees to be creative and innovative. With the help of our employees, guests, and marketing surveys, Stone Mountain Park invests an incredible amount of time and resources in researching ways to improve year after year.

...All in a Manner Consistent with Christian Values and Ethics

This part of our mission does not mean that you must be a Christian to work for our company. Simply put, we follow the Golden Rule when completing our mission every day--treat others as you would want to be treated. For most of us, it is something we already do. Having it as part of our mission reinforces our commitment to our guests and our employees.