Career Path

Below is a typical career path for an employee at Stone Mountain Park. Employees are hired at all different levels.

Team Member - This role is typically a seasonal, part-time, entry-level position. Most departments have multiple needs for team members including attraction attendants and conductors, merchandise team members including candymakers and glow sales staff, food service team members including servers, bussers, cooks, dishwashers, and setup crew staff for catering events.

Assistant Lead - This is the first level supervisory position for Stone Mountain Park. This role is typically seasonal, part-time and has supervisory duties over one location such as an attraction, restaurant, or gift shop. This role will assist a Lead with ensuring overall guest and employee satisfaction.

Lead - This is typically a seasonal, part-time role charged with the overall day-to-day responsibility over one location. Duties may include opening and closing an attraction, restaurant, or gift shop, training, scheduling, and coaching staff.

Area Lead - This Lead position has supervisory responsibility over more than one location in a department. The Area Lead can be classified as an hourly part-time or full-time employee.

Supervisor - The Supervisor is a full-time, exempt leader over multiple areas within a department. Functions include planning, staffing, processes improvement, budget management, continued guest satisfaction and daily operations. Supervisors report directly to a department Manager.

Manager - This full-time, exempt and professional-level position is responsible for an entire department's staffing, operations, administration, and financial management. Managers report directly to a Director.

Director - The Director is a full-time, exempt and executive-level leader with overall responsibilities for multiple departments at Stone Mountain Park initiating strategic plans consistent with corporate goals and objectives.