Frequently Asked Questions About Our Application Process

Q: Your application system looks totally different from the last time I applied with Stone Mountain Park. What has changed?

A: We have changed our entire application system. We now have a career portal system that makes it easier for our applicants to apply for a job. You can now create a profile with a password and update your profile information as needed. Resumes and cover letters can now be submitted as part of your application. And you can create a Job Agent that will notify you when new openings that match your interests are posted.

If you applied with Stone Mountain Park prior to the new system, we still have your old application and will run it through our process. There is no need to submit a new application unless you see a new position you are interested in.

Q: How do I find out what jobs are available?

A: You can click on the "Employment Listings" header at the top of the Home page and search our current openings. You can also find the most recent employment listings on left side of the Home page.

Q: Do I need a resume to apply?

A: No, you do not need a resume to apply. When you find a position that you would like to apply for, your two options will be to apply with a New Resume/CV or Existing Resume/CV. Select New Resume/CV if you have not applied with Stone Mountain Park before. Select Existing Resume/CV if you have previously applied. If you select New Resume/CV, the system will allow you to proceed without having a resume.

Q: My phone number has changed since I last applied for a job. How can I make this change?

A: You can change your phone number or any other information by clicking the Update Your Profile link under the Employment Listings page.

Q: Will I receive a confirmation that my application/resume has been received?

A: Yes. After you submit your profile online, a confirmation acknowledgement will be e-mailed directly to you. After our recruiting team reviews your profile submission, we will correspond with you via e-mail.  PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR JUNK AND SPAM FOLDERS FOR ALL CORRESPONDENCE!

Q: How long after submitting my profile can I expect to hear from someone?

A: The process varies.  Some of our posted positions we are looking to hire for right away, while other positions we post to be able to get ready for the upcoming season.  Please be sure to read the job description(s) very carefully and look for the expected start date.  Our recruiting team may take as much as 4 weeks from the date of application to final selection.  Always check your junk and spam folders for correspondence as this is how our recruiters communicate.

Q: What can I do if there are no positions currently listed or available within my skill set?

A: Job Agent is a feature that will notify you via e-mail if a job opening is posted that matches your interests and experience. Create a Job Agent by clicking the Create A Job Agent link under the Employment Listings page.

Q: Can I apply for more than one position within Stone Mountain Park?

A: Yes. After applying for the first choice, click on the Existing Resume/CV at the bottom of the next listing for which you would like to apply. Log in and update your profile as necessary.