Application Process

To see current job openings, click Search Current Openings link under the Employment Listings header.

  • If you have not applied with Stone Mountain Park since April 7, 2013, click New Resume/CV in the Apply box at the bottom of the page.
    • If you have a saved resume on your computer, choose "upload a resume/CV document". Choose "proceed without resume/CV" if you do not have a saved resume to upload.
    • You will create a profile and password and in doing so, you will be able to update your profile whenever your contact information changes.
  • If you previously applied at Stone Mountain Park since April 8, 2013, click Existing Resume/CV and enter your previously used email address and password. Please do not click on New Resume/CV if you already have a resume/application on file.
    • Follow the steps to update your previously submitted information and apply for this new position.

Some steps in the application may allow you to move ahead without answering the questions, we would advise you to answer each question completely. Not doing so may prevent you from being considered for the position.